“That DJ Podcast” is an internet radio show that revolves around the profession and art of being a Disc-Jockey. Our main aim is to inform and entertain DJ’s and anyone else who has the courage to listen. Whether you’re a Mobile, Club, Karaoke, or Bedroom DJ, we want you to tune in and catch up with the latest deejaying news, hear interviews with industry professionals, and participate in some in-depth discussions on what makes a DJ tick. Furthermore, we love hearing from you. We live off of your comments, criticisms, and advice in order to create the best show possible. Above all, we hope we can make you laugh and come back for more.

Podcast Hosts

Robert Spera

DJ Rockin Rob has been entertaining the masses for almost 12 years. From bowling alleys to concert halls … It has been one exciting ride! He has hosted concerts for Warrant, The Dazz Band and once evacuated the (actual) CNN Headquarters during a gig for AT&T in Atlanta Georgia (last time I use a Fogg machine!!!) Through DJing  he’s learned that in the end, it’s all about a good time. Dj Rockin Rob has been a fierce contributor in the YouTube DJ Community and loves to share. “I want to give back to the industry MORE than it gave me. When I got started it hard to find the answers and even tougher to get advice (mostly because I would, in their eyes, become a direct competitor)”


Scott Djbo Woloszyn

DJ Bo has been an On Air personality for almost 16 years and a Mobile DJ for 15. One always to lend a helping hand, DJ Bo has help to organize several YouTube meet and greets. With DJ Bo’s vast experience and common drive to help his fellow DJ he will make a fantastic and exciting addition to That DJ Podcast.